The team behind "1 Shot Paints Australia" have been involved in the art industry for a number of years and we all have an active interest in the Kustom Kulture and Pinstriping art scene.

For us, taking on "1 Shot" paints was obvious, it just made sense. 

The gallery was opened in October 2007.

As we get more exposure we are seeing more people through the door and great sales of art, merchandise, t-shirts, magazines and books.

We have opened what we believe to be the first Kustom Kulture Gallery in Australia. 

Our artists specialise in a range of art work and genre's including:

Tiki Art, Lowbrow Art, Monster Art, Car and Pinstriping Art, and Kustom Artwork.  We also have a number of photographic exhibits, including Pinup, Film Noir and Burlesque Photography. The gallery really can't be put into a category, it is something you really have to come and see for yourself to understand what we are about and what kind of art we support and display.

Our artist base is also growing with more local and international artists being featured on the walls of Kustom Lane. We also have had many international artists attend openings of our exhibitions including:

Doug Dorr - USA (2008/2009/2011/2013/2015/2017), Sara Ray - USA (2008), Max Grundy - USA (2009/2010/2013/2014/2016),  James Owens - USA (2010), Shawn Dickinson - USA (2010), Shannon Brooke - USA (2010/2012/2016), Makoto - Japan (2011), Mr. G - Japan (2011), Ghost - Japan (2011) BigToe - USA (2011/2012/2016), David Lozeau - USA (2012/2016), Nathalie Rattner - Canada (2012), Doug Horne - USA (2016), Ken Ruzic - USA (2016), Dirty Donny Gillies - USA (2017) 

We are lucky enough to have a great talented group of local Australian artists who we also represent through Kustom Lane and exhibit their work, they include:

Dave Kohlman, Leigh Kuilboer, Leighderhosen, Lluis Fuzzhound, Paul Hughes, Steve May, Justin Zahra, Darryl Osbourne, Isobel Von Finkelstien, Mark Sheard, Lee Moran, Stan Thomson, Scotty Makin, Micky Hora, Dan Woodman, Graeme McKim, Matt Bailey, Mark Bailey and more...

The gallery would like to thank the artists and the community for their on going support and patronage. The gallery would not be what it is today without this support.

On behalf of all of us, the artists and the people behind Kustom Lane, we thank you!

For more information about Events and more visit the website: