Substrate Prep

Preparing and Painting MDO

    Q: What procedure should I follow to prepare MDS for 1 Shot or Chromatic Enamels?

    A: Clean the surface thoroughly, then scuff lightly with an abrasive pad. On unprimed MDO, prime with WP1008 Primer. On pre-primed MDO, after using a tack rag to remove any residual sanding dust, roller on your Lettering or Background Enamel. Apply in two or three light coats, as opposed to one heavy coat. If you get little bubbles in the surface, (usually from using a foam roller) immediately re-roller, but slightly "lift" on the roller frame, taking virtually all the pressure off the roller.


    1 Shot and Other Paints

    Q: Can I use 1 Shot in conjunction with latex or acrylic latex paints?

    A: The concern is that oil-alkyd enamels, such as 1 Shot Lettering Enamels, are not fully compatible with latex or acrylic latex paints; so in addition to the potential for adhesion issues, these paint products will expand and contract at different rates when faced with UV exposure, temperature changes and humidity. This dissimilar rate can result in checking, cracking and premature failure.

    Mixing Custom Colors

    Q: What if I need a color not offered by 1 Shot?

    A: 1 Shot Lettering Enamels are infinitely mixable with the exception of 199L Black. By combining from our 44 color selection, and/or our special Tinting White, Tinting Black, and 1 Shot 4003 Clear, you can create ANY color, in various configurations ranging from opaque to glistening, transparent candy colors.

    Mixing PMS Colors

    Q: Can I mix to PMS specifications using 1 Shot?

    A: 1 Shot Lettering Enamels are opaque paints, and true PMS color matching employs three transparent colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) as well as black. We have a fairly extensive database however that provides formulations for mixing facsimiles of many PMS colors. We offer most PMS match formulations for three-digit PMS numbers through #750, and most four digit PMS numbers through #5875. We do not have PMS formulations above and beyond those colors, nor do we have formulations for fluorescent or metallic colors.; however we can often recommend mixing instructions to get you in the range of such colors.


    Clearing Over 1 Shot

    Q: Can I clear coat over 1 Shot Lettering Enamels?

    A: Yes. It's important that your paint is completely dry prior to overcoating. We recommend that you use our 1 Shot #4007 Hardener, and wait at least 24 hours prior to clearing. Adding up to 20% Hardener, with no other reducers, will allow for overcoating with automotive type urethane clears after 24 hours. Always apply the first two coats of clear very light and dry when clear coating.

    Painting through a Mask

    Q: What should I know about painting 1 Shot Lettering Enamels through a mask?

    A: When applying paint through a computer-generated or hand cut mask, always remove the masking material once the paint "tacks" (usually about 15-20 minutes), but before it dries. 


    Q: How do I obtain MSDS information regarding 1 Shot and Chromatic Products?

    A: Visit http://www.1shot.com/One-Shot/SDS.aspx

    Lettering Enamels vs. Bulletin Colors

    Q: What is the difference between 1 Shot Lettering Enamels and Chromatic Bulletin Colors?

    A: 1 Shot Lettering Enamels are engineered for and provide outstanding exterior durability when properly applies. Chromatic Bulletin Colors are intended for use on shorter-term exterior work, such as bulletins (more often called billboards today) as well as interior mural work.

    Reducing & Thinning

    Q: What should I use for reducing 1 Shot Lettering Enamel?

    A: To enhance flow characteristics, you can reduce with 1-Shot Reducers, available in low (ZZ6001) and high temp (ZZ6002) versions. Never use Mineral Spirits or synthetic enamel reducers.

    Gloss Reduction

    Q: Can I reduce or eliminate the gloss of my 1 Shot Lettering Enamels?

    A: Yes. Our 1 Shot / Chromatic #4329500 Flattening Paste can be used in varying ratios to reduce gloss, or even create a nearly dead flat finish.

    Storing 1 Shot in Plastic Bottles

    Q: Is it acceptable to store my 1 Shot Lettering Enamels in squeeze bottles?

    A: While it's acceptable, there are a couple of important points to remember. Normal "plastic" (PVF, PVC, etc.) squeeze bottles, as found at beauty supply centers and even through some sign supply sources, can allow for plasticizer migration, from the bottle to the paint; resulting in slower drying times, lower gloss levels and ultimately, reduced exterior durability.

    Make sure the bottles you store your 1 Shot in are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate); and it's advisable, when practical, to store those bottles upside- down, to help prevent skinning over of your paint. When storing 1 Shot Metallics or Pearlescents in PET bottles, drop a ball bearing into the bottle, to aid in thorough mixing when shaking your bottles.

    Trouble Shooting

    Fish Eyes

    Q: Why am I getting "Fish Eyes" or "Crawling" when using 1 Shot Paints?

    A: If a surface is not thoroughly cleaned, it may still contain waxes, oils or silicons. Clean with a good surface prep and degreaser. 

    Slow Drying Paint on Banners or Awnings

    Q: Why won't my 1 Shot Lettering Enamels dry on a banner?

    A: To letter on a banner (or any vinyl-based, flexible surface such as awnings, tonnau covers, leather garments), the banner must have an "Enamel Receptive Coating" on it. If you don't have a "ERC" banner, you can coat the banner first with our Ti-Cote product to make it enamel receptive.

    Wrinkling or Lifting Paint

    Q: How do I avoid wrinkling in my Lettering or Background Enamels?

    A: Never apply 1 Shot Background or lettering Enamels too thick or try to recoat a painted surface until the first coat of paint is dry. Always follow the suggested recoating times for best results.