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What Mack Brush says about their product...

Don't let the name of this brush fool you!

This is a very capable and useful brush made for long lines and a superb brush for design work, and an excellent choice for outlining flames, graphics, etc.

After 17 years of using Cosmos then DaVinci 700 long liners for all of my line work I noticed the dreaded “hair falling out syndrome” then the shape consistently changing as the selling price of these brushes continued to rise. All the while always having to grab my trusty Mack blue wrap (series 10) for my design work or any time I had flames or graphics with lots of turns. I’d finally had enough. So teaming up with Mack Brush Company to develop a brush that combined the best of both worlds the Peewee 800 LongLiner was born!

This wasn’t a one time “hey make a brush like this guys” type of thing. It took many tries and quite a few design changes to ensure the “butterknife” or “sword” shape was just right, not to mention the hair count was refined to maximise the paint carrying abilities for those long lines this brush was intended for.

In a nutshell, this is a highly refined Mack Series 10 built with a purpose, and with being a Mack rest assured it will be a workhorse that won’t let you down!