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This brush has all the same specifications as the King 13, but instead of using Chinese blue squirrel hair we have used the European dressed blue squirrel hair. The European dressed blue squirrel is a stiffer hair which will give the striper more body without as much droop when you have a fully loaded brush. We use a 60mm European dressed blue squirrel hair for the 5/0 and 3/0 giving the brush a total hair length of 1 ¾”. We use a 65mm hair length for the 00 which gives the brush a total hair length of 2”. The brush has more pull in the making process giving it a little more taper than a traditional striper. The amount of hair that is distributed onto the handle during the making process is configured differently then our series #10 and #20 brushes. For example, the 00000 and 000 are made on a #00 handle and the 00 is made on a #0 handle. Our brush makers are applying the same amount of hair for say a #00 brush but putting it on a handle that has a larger surface area.