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What Mack Brush says about their product...

Mack Brush presents the hottest new collab with Todd Hanson. These quills are sleek with their white polished handles, blue metal ferrules, and their jet black full synthetic bristles. We have been working on finding a synthetic blend that works, looks, and feels as natural as squirrel hair for our sword stripers. After many years of trial and error we found a blend that is affordable that we will be using in many different series of brushes for years to come. Todd Hanson is just one of the many artists that we’ve consulted with on this journey, he loved the hair so much that the idea of the Tilly Quills was born.

“These brushes are a huge game changer! The brushes are 100% synthetic but feel as natural as any hair that I have ever used in any brush. Truly phenomenal.” – Todd Hanson

This set includes sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10