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The conversation to introduce a liner and scroller/pinstriper was discussed for quite a while before it finally became a reality. We tried many different blends of hair whether it is natural, mixed or full synthetic. Von Dago decided on a full synthetic which is our synthetic sable. This is the latest and greatest synthetic on the market today! It is unusual in the fact that it absorbs the paint and flows off the fibers in a controlled manner. This hair absorbs like a sponge. I knew we were on to something when Von Dago, a natural hair enthusiast, fell in love with this synthetic. 

Here is what Von Dago has to say about the Saber Liner:
"From pulling long out lines on hand painted letters & numbers, to performing a smooth scripted name, these new specially designed brushes can handle whatever skill level you have."
• Including some light ‘n tight “pinstripe designs” for those that can stripe.
• Designed for the master professional, yet extremely beginner user friendly!
• Works great with oil based 1-Shot enamel or urethanes
• Made with a specially imported **soft** synthetic hair that’s the thing to real hair as I’ve ever seen!!
INCLUDES 4/0, 2/0, 0, 2, 4, 6