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6 Piece Set including sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

From Mack Brush...

We started using this synthetic sable hair about four years ago for a company that used European dressed sable in their small pointed brushes.  We were pleased to find that for their application the synthetic sable was a better fit.  With that in mind, we decided to branch out in more traditional brushes and found that the artist liked the brushes and especially the price versus what they were paying for sable haired brushes these days.  Today sable hair is running at $9000.00 a pound.  It has become so expensive that only brush manufactures that cater to high end fine artists are purchasing sable.

You will notice that the hair length is longer than a traditional quill which gives the brush a precision snap without losing that coveted feel.  This brush carries the paint well and delivers the paint effectively.  Let’s see what Steve “Wizard” Chaszeyka has to say about the brush.

“This new synthetic lettering quill is full of surprises.  Snappy and controllable, this brush gives me the moves I like to lay out script, casual and more disciplined letter styles as well.  Carries a lot of paint, and delivers on point.  Tight and efficient, no wasted moves.”